Moral Universalism

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This investigation assesses how a state that is supposed to guarantee its citizens their rights instead violates their rights. After picking a country of my choice I will also investigate how this country implements International Human Rights law.
What are Human Rights?
Human Rights are special kinds of entitlements which human beings can claim, simply by virtue of being human. They are rights essential for the protection and maintenance of dignity, as well as fulfilment of an Individual’s potential.

The universal declaration of human right (UDHR) was a huge achievement in the history of Human Rights. It was drafted by representatives from all parts of the world. The declaration was officially announced by the United Nations General Assembly
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Moral universalism posits the existence of rationally identifiable trans-cultural and trans-historical moral truths. The origins of moral universalism within Europe are typically associated with the writings of Aristotle and the Stoics. Thus, in his Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle unambiguously expounds an argument in support of the existence of a natural moral order. This natural order ought to provide the basis for all truly rational systems of justice. An appeal to the natural order provides a set of comprehensive and potentially universal criteria for evaluating the legitimacy of actual 'man-made' legal systems. In distinguishing between ‘natural justice' and 'legal justice’, Aristotle writes, ‘the natural is that which has the same validity everywhere and does not depend upon acceptance.' (Nicomachean Ethics, 189) Thus, the criteria for determining a truly rational system of justice pre-exist social and historical conventions. 'Natural justice' pre-exists specific social and political configurations. The means for determining the form and content of natural justice is the exercise of reason free from the distorting effects of mere prejudice or desire. This basic idea was similarly expressed by the Roman Stoics, such as Cicero and Seneca, who argued that morality originated in the rational will of God and the existence of a cosmic city…show more content…
This is because it is the newest Nation in the world which got its independence in 2011. South Sudan has been at war for over 3 years with fighting taking place between the President Salva Kiir and his deputy Riek Machar.
South Sudan’s civil war, which began in December 2013, continued in 2015 with serious abuses of civilians by both warring parties. Killings, rape, and destruction and pillage of civilian property were widespread, especially during a massive government offensive in a Unity state that began in mid-2015. A tenuous peace agreement signed in late August raised hopes of an end to the fighting, which has displaced some 2.2 million people from their homes and plunged much of the population into humanitarian crisis.
The conflict began in December 2013 when soldiers loyal to President Salva Kiir, a Dinka, and those loyal to former Vice President Riek Machar, a Nuer and now the rebel leader, fought in the capital, Juba, following months of growing political tensions. Despite widespread atrocities,y crimes committed by both sides, the peace deal, if implemented, would put the two men in charge of a transitional government for three years, after which national elections will be

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