Moral Values In Business

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In business ethics it’s all about the study on how we got to take in place a business and conduct it. It can be also said that business ethics is a study to regulate certain actions within the organization as to ‘which are right, rather than the wrong thing to do”. Having or practicing ethical behavior in the business organization promotes good moral values in the organization as a group an on an individual basis as well leading to better relations with the customers and with other business organization and clients.
In the business organizations ethics are a very important subject, they are as follows:
“Business depends on society, so it must respond to the needs of society”
As the society and the business organization are connected to
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They can mold the minds of people in their outlook in certain aspects of their lives. For example through the power of multimedia and ad campaigns a business organization can change the way a person can think about environment or a certain product. They can start a movement r a new trend which can lead to a permanent or temporary change on the way a person does certain things or wears certain thing or even eating certain things. “Ethical behaviors have an intrinsic value”
The actual value of a company or an asset based on an underlying perception of its true value including all aspects of the business, in terms of both tangible and intangible factors. This value may or may not be the same as the current market value. Most of the ethical theories that reuse recognize citron objective values that make some the action intrinsically ought to be right or wrong this shared responsibilities becomes accountable with in large and complex businesses may become obscure and this values may encourage the business people to disregard them.
“Businesses can only operate effectively if certain norms are
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It is the customer’s right to be informed, choose, and give feedback to the producers of the goods and services are given. And thus leads to proper procedures that make transactions smooth and beneficial to both the producer (seller) and the consumer (buyer).
Consumers tend to receive a large amount of information from the commercial sources therefore the consumer behavior doesn’t stop as soon as the product has been sold to the consumer , while the buyer uses this product if they find it doesn’t perform to their expectation or what the product has been promised to deliver the consumer can complain to the seller and expect any faults to be remedied and this is where the consumer rights play an important role and it becomes in the favor of the consumer if he decides not to buy this kind of product again.
{Example of local organization(Xcite Alghanim electronics) } We put our customers at the center of our focus and initiatives with the objective of providing them with unmatchable levels of services and products.
“Our customers are the center of our focus”
By delivering unmatched levels of service and products to our customers, we are also serving our associates, shareholders and community.
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