Moral Values In Malaysia

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IntroductionIntroduction Moral defines the concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of the human character. Moral values can give meaning and purpose to our life. In life, it is essential to have moral values. Especially these days, people judge each other’s characteristics by knowing the amount of moral values the person had. As a person with high moral values, he/she usually displays the characteristics of integrity, courage, respect, fairness, honesty, compassion, being willing to sacrifice, doing no harm, responsibilities, being forgiving, keeping promises, making peace and etc. If a person can live their life with positive moral values, that means he/ she can also form positive bonds with other…show more content…
A punctual person projects the image of taking their job seriously as they will not cause any delay in their appointments or work. In a business partnership, trust will be built when all partners are punctual; as an employee, the person will be appreciated by his/her employer because of his punctuality. Elaboration The culture in Malaysia is slowly writing off the importance of being punctual as insignificant and inconsequential. Tardiness has become an unnecessary society norm. Punctuality is a virtue. It imparts efficiency and shows that you respect the person’s time and more so, you respect yourself enough to keep your word. You let others know that you are trustworthy. It displays you as an organised and professional being that has full control of your life. Thus, building a good reputation and career for yourself. Most of the time, we tell ourselves or the other party that we are involved in an emergency situation to pass off as our alibis to be late. Here are a list of things that are ACTUALLY “emergencies” and a list of things that aren’t. ACTUAL emergencies: 1. Your punctual public transportation is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances 2. You are involved in an accident (e.g. a punctured

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