Moral Values In Society

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The youth are the future of our society. Would it still be possible if nowadays they are being associated to different crimes, delinquencies and misbehaviors? Adolescents tend to be engaged in risk-taking behaviors that could help them to shape their identities, try out new decision-making skills, develop realistic assessment of themselves, and gain acceptance and respect (Ponton, 1997; Jessor, 1991). Unfortunately, some of the risks that adolescents pursue may pose a real threat to their health and well-being. Since it is said that the family is the basic unit of the society and the first source of values, hence, the family plays the major and vital role in molding a child to become a fully functioning individual. According to the…show more content…
Values are the things we grasp and learn from our parents and our environment from our childhood. Morals on the other hand are the fundamental beliefs established from the value systems of how we should act in any certain situation, while ethics are defined as how we actually do in the aspect of complicated condition that check our moral character. These are the rules we live in a civil and unprejudiced society. We use them to guide our dealing with others, with our friends and family, in our businesses and professional. Furthermore, social ethics has more to do with what is good and right for a society to do and how it should act as a whole. It is a general set of unwritten guidelines with regards to direct dealings with other people so as not to harm others in order to have a well-functioning society (Cagadas…show more content…
No longer can guidance counselors or schools counselors simply make sure students are in the right classes or just work with the troubled students or clients. The guidance counselors’ attitude, effectiveness being accepted on good faith is no longer valid (Myrich, 2003b). It is now part of the school counselor identity to be accountable to others the effectiveness of the program in measurable terms (Brott, 2006, p. 179). Furthermore, guidance counselors are expected to “fix all types of behavioral and learning problems of students from varied cultural backgrounds (Fall, 2001 a.p. 316), while addressing each student as a unique entity (Roberts & Mills, 2009), according to a research of Eric Davis, 2010. Research suggests that high-quality counseling services can have long-term effects on a child’s well-being and can prevent a student from turning to violence and drug or alcohol abuse. High-quality school coun¬seling services can improve a student’s academic achievement. Studies on the effects of school counseling have shown positive effects on student’s grades, reducing classroom disruptions, and enhancing teachers’ abilities to manage classroom behavior effectively. High-quality school counseling services also can help to address students’ mental health needs, (U.S. Department of Education,
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