Mike Winchell's Friday Night Lights

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In “Friday Night Lights” the progress to achieve goals are disrupted by the conflicts that character’s have to face. Boobie Miles is the top HS recruit in the country for his position, but his entire life was changed after a terrible career ending injury causes him to change his goals. In the text people would comment Boobie without football he’s nothing because he just didn’t have the intangibles to be a regular person without football “Boobie Miles without the ability to carry a football in his hand, might as well get a broom and start preparing for his other destiny in life- learning how to sweep the corners of storerooms.” Boobie would then have to sit out a couple of games due to the injury which would give him a lot of time to think…show more content…
Mike is the starting quarterback for Permian, but his perspective is changed with the death of his brother and father. In the text it states “There had always been something inward and painfully shy about Mike, but the death of his father forced him to grow up even faster than he already had.” Mike loved his dad, but he was at a very young age when his father passed making him mature faster than the other kids. Then as Mike got older his brother Billy got really sick, and Mike couldn’t stand to see him like that in the text it states “ you don’t want nobody to die, but you don’t want him hurtin’ all the time either, after Billy died, Mike’s life didn’t get any easier.” At this point he just wanted to get out of Odessa, Texas but inside him he knew how much Billy admired him and wanted to see him wear the black and white for the Permian Panthers. “But he didn’t want to stay in Odessa anymore. It was too ugly for him, and the land itself bore no secrets nor ever inspired the imagination. He longed for lakes and tree hills, for serene places where he could take walks by himself.” Mike is really frustrated with Odessa as he feels nothing is going good for him being there and feels he needs to get out of that
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