The Role Of Morality In The Great Gatsby

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One 's moral foundation is often questioned or tested when faced with a difficult decision, Whether it is a large decision to make regarding a new chapter in one 's life, or simply a difficult choice between which restaurant to attend, humanity is constantly questioning morals and actions that reflect their own personal values and standards. This includes whom one socializes with. Over the past century The United States of America has underwent a roller coaster with regard to social values. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott. Fitzgerald exemplifies the era of the roaring twenties and that period in time where the moral injustices that plagued the party going generation. Thus in The Great Gatsby the idea of wealth corrupts all forms of moral decisions…show more content…
Daisy and Tom Buchanan find themselves directly in the middle of East Egg which is technically ranked higher on the social standing since those who lived there were born into the life of luxury, and the only cash continued to flow with every growing generation. In West egg those who worked for their money through the stock market and bootlegging found themselves across the bay from the East and are ranked below those born into money. Jay Gatsby attempts to achieve this high rank of status with the fulfilment of the American dream. When Daisy is at Nicks house for tea, Gatsby shows up to surprise her after years of separation. As they proceed into Gatsby 's house, Jay shows off all of his wealth to Daisy. Once they reach his personal and extensive wardrobe Daisy says, “ They’re such beautiful shirts” she sobbed, her voice muffled in the thick folds. “It makes me sad because I’ve never seen such—such beautiful shirts before” (111). This poses significance because Daisy finds herself physically overwhelmed with the pure wealth and beauty of all of the money Gatsby now has. This reaction is strange because it is though that Daisy would have cried tears of joy that Gatsby is now back while she was at Nick’s house for tea and not over his materialistic objects in his home. Daisy is crying over his money and how she had the opportunity to wait for Gatsby years ago but instead married Tom. Since Tom was from old money and Daisy had knowledge that he could support her expensive and shallow lifestyle that she has been catered to her entire life. Another character that represents the corruption throughout the novella is Tom Buchanan. He flourishes in a lifestyle of absurd wealth empty of all morals. After the murder of Myrtle Wilson, Tom reconnects with Nick approximately two years later and admits that he told George that Gatsby has killed Myrtle. He claims he did this so that he could
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