Moralism In The Great Gatsby

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One 's moral foundation is often questioned or tested when faced with a difficult decision, Whether it is a large decision to make regarding a new chapter in one 's life, or simply a difficult choice between which restaurant to attend, humanity is constantly questioning morals and actions that reflect their own personal values and standards. This includes whom one socializes with. Over the past century The United States of America has underwent a roller coaster with regard to social values. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott. Fitzgerald exemplifies the era of the roaring twenties and that period in time where the moral injustices that plagued the party going generation. Thus in The Great Gatsby the idea of wealth corrupts all forms of moral decisions due to the pure lust for money. This is seen through underlying symbols, the classic theme of the American dream and complex characters. The first place where the reader experiences the corruption in The Great Gatsby is in the symbols; Every object mentioned by Nick or any of the other characters always seems to have a deeper meaning than originally anticipated. The symbolic text has many tones dealing with greed; Firstly there is the symbol of New York City itself. Just pass the valley of ashes and the eggs of New York is the city where all of the Corruption takes place. The mayor of the city even parties with the bootleggers and the criminals. New York symbolizes drinking, unfaithfulness, and criminal activity as well as hope and

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