Morality And Cultural Relativism

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Human morality is grounded on the society in which an individual is part of; this idea is employed from cultural relativism, a theory that implements the idea that there is no right or wrong. In this, various standards, morals and behaviours in societies should be taken into thought. This theory is built around concepts that other cultures may not define the right or wrong for every culture, however beliefs and behaviours must be appraised as right or wrong on every cultures degree, in other words what is considered immoral or moral is culture-specific.
It is valid to say that as cultural relativism is observed, the platform of the theory must be understood- the observation of moral codes- understanding that cultural relativism hypothesised that there is no such thing as universal truths and ethics, and that since there is no widespread standard of morality the practices of another societies customs may not be judged by anyone else.
Culture is what ignites what can be defined as good or bad, what is immoral or moral in a society. These views of normal actions and abnormal actions differ from culture to culture. Cultural relativism is therefore considered verification that these societies vary in their moral codes, standards, and laws of society. It is considered that morality is dependent on a culture. which brings forth the idea that since there are diverse cultures there is also diversification in what is considered right or wrong in every society, mainly to events and
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