Morality And Ethics In Franz Kafka's 'Die Verwandlung'

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Morality and Ethics in Die Verwandlung by Franz Kafka This essay will look at Franz Kafka’s ‘Die Verwandlung’ and will distinguish between the morality and ethics of Gregor’s family. Did Gregor deserve to die and was his family moral or rather immoral towards Gregor? This essay will include Kant’s categorical imperative number one which is the duties of Gregor’s family members and the analysis of Gregor’s family dynamics. Were the family members just or unjust towards Gregor? Did family members do the right thing and did Gregor deserve what happened to him and his transformation into a bug? This essay will also look at the relationships Gregor had with every character to understand their morality and what changed after Gregor died. The relationships…show more content…
It seemed like they both genuinely wanted to help Gregor and wanted him to get better. They both brought food for him, even his favourite food at start, trying to make Gregor feel a little bit better about himself and his transformation. But soon after everything changed. Right when the mother and sister tried to remove the furniture in Gregor’s room, so that he would have more space to move around, they saw in how much distress Gregor was and for some reason, the mother could not stop herself from what she was doing. They also tried to get rid of Gregor’s favourite piece of furniture which was his desk where Gregor liked to express himself in writing. This shows that the mother was controlling Gregor and wanted to have some power over Gregor. It seemed that it even made her feel better as she could not stop herself from moving around the furniture once she saw that it made Gregor very nervous. When it was enough for Gregor and he wanted her to stop, the mother acted like the victim and made the situation look like Gregor had attacked her. This then made the father think that Gregor was dangerous and punished Gregor by throwing apples at him. Even though it was the father who physically harmed Gregor, the mother was the person who provoked the whole situation and was responsible for the attack as she didn’t stop the father or explain anything before he harmed

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