Morality And Reflection In 'My Son's Story'

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“Gandhi was the worst” yells one of my peers, upon further questioning about the reasons of this hatred, they say, “Have you heard about his absurd practices with sexuality in his home”. The person we’re talking about here is Mohandas Gandhi, who is described as the reason of India’s freedom against British rule, a symbol of peace to the world and one of the most influential people to have ever walked on the face of the earth. Yet in this situation he is criticized because in spite of being flawless in the public sphere he has been accused of performing heinous things in the private domain. Nadine Gordimer in ‘My Son’s Story’ talks about a teacher ‘Sonny’ who becomes a political activist in the South-African war against apartheid and in this transition begins an extra-marital affair that tears his picture-perfect family of four apart. An important theme in the book is the fine line that exists between the public and private life of any community figure and to try and pinpoint where this demarcation lies. Therefore as we try to draw this boundary we are also forced to question the nature of what wrong is, weather it should be defined along the lines of the law or morality. Thus in this essay I wish to analyze the impact of Sonny’s actions in his private life and weather its reflection in his family life and public domain were impactful enough to say that a the transition of relevance in the two spheres was caused. To understand the change in the family structure we must

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