The Change In Sonny's Private Life

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Register to read the introduction…Sonny was just a schoolteacher with a great passion for Shakespeare, Aila his wife was a timid yet beautiful woman whose only drive seems to be taking care of her husband and two children Will and Baby. This sedentary life changes once the schoolteacher realizes that he cannot sit quietly as his people suffer against oppression from the whites and he starts small first by leading the school children with him into protests. ‘The School teacher lived and taught and carried out his uplifting projects in the community with the municipal council seated under its coat-of-arms on the one side of the veld.” The end result of these series of protests was the expulsion of Sonny from the school and just like that the normalcy was broken. This as a single event seems rather irrelevant but in the grander scheme of things was a spark that started the fire that eventually burned the happy family picture. For there to be a change in something internal there is often an external cause behind it. Therefore as we wish to analyze the changes in Sonny’s private life we have to first see the reason his actions in his personal domain began to vary, the foundation of this change can be traced to a variation in his public domain. As Sonny becomes…show more content…
Via this essay I have also hoped to establish the fact that the public and private life independently and together are highly complicated and to know the true impact of an alteration of one on the other needs a deep analysis of a situation in its entirety. By the end of it wasn’t Sonny’s affair that crossed the line but his emotions for not curbing his mind to what was actually
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