Morality And Religion Summary

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In “Morality and Religion: A Psychological Perspective, the authors, Anca Mustea, Oana Negru, and Adrian Opre explore how religion and morality relate to each other. The article begins by discussing different psychological theories and research to create some understanding of how religion could apply into the morality of people. The authors also discuss cultural approaches as to how religion and morality fit together which tends lead to a lack of understanding since researchers show favor to their own cultural perspective. Finally, the authors providing some direction to the possibilities of how religion and morality relate to each other from their perspectives. While I found this article interesting, it was difficult to read considering the many concepts discussed. This article proves that morality and religion may have some influence over each other however I don’t think morality is solely dependent on religion. It also proves that from a psychological perspective, the relationship between religion and morality is very limited and varied into today’s society. Psychological models of morality…show more content…
This proves that the link between religion and moral behavior is still in progress. “In order to reconstruct the relations between morality and religion from the perspective of a psychology of morality, researchers must tap into the role that religion has now in the moral development of individuals” (Mustea, Negru, Opre, 2010, p.29). In contrast, the psychology of religion can provide some insight as to how morality and religion are connected not only at the individual level, but as well as the community and culture level. Authors, Jesse Graham and Jonathan Heidt, take a social-functionalist approach on religion in moral communities. This meant that viewing religion from a group standpoint would better define religion’s role in
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