Morality And Religion Essay

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Morality and Religion: A Psychological Perspective The relationship between morality and religion is a common topic of debate, across cultures. Many argue that without religion one’s moral compass will be askew, while others view morality as being based in autonomy and real life experiences. In this article, Anca Mustea, Oana Negru, and Adrian Opre explored approaches to morality, types of morality, and religion’s role morality. The main focus of the article was on how psychologically people come to know their morality and what role personal, community, and religious factors have on one’s own moral development. This article focuses on two separate approaches to morality based on psychological models, universalist based on Kant’s writings…show more content…
He also talks about an ethic of care which suggested the exisatance of an ethic of love and solitude. I disagree with this theory above all of the others in this article. I think that it is too generalized, and it doesn’t give enough credit to people who act outside their individual gender role. If you have a man that is a loving father, cook’s dinner, reads his children bedtime stories, and is the disciplinarian in the household, you have just contradicted the foundation of Gilligan’s theory. This approach would also not pertain to someone who is, for example, a widow. Perhaps you have a disciplinarian who is also a loving…show more content…
In the article, an example is used in Hindu communities. Children raised in Hindu communities are taught at an early age to express religious beliefs in even seemingly mundane tasks such as bathing and dressing themselves. Since they are enveloped in the spirituality at such a young age, they learn to employ the Ethic of Divinity at a young age. Similarly, increased attention on divinity presents itself in Catholicism during adolescence with religious customs that help blend autonomy with divinity and community as an
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