Morality Exposed In Eliezer Wiesel's Night

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Fuck me Matty In the memoir Night by Eliezer Wiesel, it describes the harsh torture Elie went through as a young boy during the Holocaust that tarnished his view on the world he knew forever. His life turned into a living hell, barely pushing through the days spent in the concentration camps with his detached father, who seemed motionless and frail due since the imprisonment. It describes his life trying to protect his father as well as himself from the Nazi’s in concentration camps. My bitch friend Christine states ”everyone becomes a selfish bitch (Christine Cung Mein, Her brain) which is completely true.” Over the course of the Holocaust Wiesel shows through disturbing acts of violence from the Nazi’s. With the struggle over one’s sanity during the events of the Holocaust, it causes people to lose sight in their morals thus dehumanizing them and turning them into animals who only care their own survival. Throughout the course of the memoir, Wiesel’s once positive personality deteriorates and transitions into a silent man who turns to his own selfish needs due to the mistreatment and horrors of the camp. Elie’s only goal was to keep his father guarded in the beginning of the memoir saying “I had one thought- not to lose him. Not to be left alone” after being thrown into the first concentration camp, showing his sense of morality meant being with his family to ensure their safety (Wiesel 27). This quote shows…show more content…
The inner beast inside unleashes as the person loses sight of what is acceptable in society and turns on each other for their own selfish desires. . Anything can unleash a person's inner demons, leaving everyone but themselves apparent, and their needs revolve around themselves, leaving everyone else as a shrub with no significance in the person's
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