Morality In A Christmas Carol

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“A Christmas Carol” written by Charles Dickens isn’t necessarily a christian book per say, but it does have many Christian accepted themes and lessons. Charles Dickens writes about many explicit and implicit themes that are taught in everyday life as a Christian. Such as how someone can change their life around from ruined and sinful to bright and hopeful through accepting their failures and seeking forgiveness. Or maybe how Scrooge realizes that what he really needs to do rather than worry about his business is to love those around him. One last Christian aspect elaborated on in the book is how society needs to care for the common welfare rather than their own selfish wants. God teaches us all about these principles in the Bible and they all apply to us in modern-day life as well as back when “A Christmas Carol” was set. The first principle that is a crossover between “A Christmas Carol” and God’s teachings is how people can change their life around from heading straight to failure to a joyful life and an abounding future through seeking forgiveness. Scrooge doesn’t see this very quickly in the book, but he slowly develops knowledge of what it will take to reverse what he has done wrong throughout his life. The book and the Christian point-of-view have different views on how this reversal of someone’s future can happen, but the general idea of how it can happen for someone is the same, forgiveness. God sent his son, Jesus, to die on the cross for everyone’s sins so that if
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