Immanuel Kant's Theory Of Morality

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Chapter one gives us the basis of the book which is “what is morality?”. Sandel gives us different scenarios in which it puts the readers in a position to decide what 's right or wrong. I do not think that it is right for businesses to take advantage of people who were affected by a natural disaster. Instead of trying to profit off someone’s misery, we should come together and help each other in our time of need. Ass for the purple heart debate, I believe that veterans, whether it is a physical or mental injury should be awarded a purple heart. They fought for our country, showed bravery in times of peril and should be awarded for their service. In the trolley scenario, I do not know what decision I would make. Sacrificing one person to same many is not an easy
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I thought that this chapter was interesting because I think in a similar way. He believed that for one to be moral, they need to have an appropriate motive for undertaking a task. It cannot be based on selfish reasons and it does not have to appease the public. You do something because it is right. He also states that we often mistake ideas for our own because of conformity. We as people like to be in the majority, but often times the ideas we believe to be our own are often influenced by other people. Is this freedom or are we creating a false sense of freedom by our interpretation?
Justice by Michael Sandel presents many different views on what morality is and how different group perceives it. I enjoyed the first half of this book and found it fascinating how different groups determine what is moral or not. Having morality and knowing the different views on morality will allow us to work towards a goal that will encompass each belief. I believe that having good morals will make a good person and that in turn will allow good to exist in the world because without morals the world would be in
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