Morality In Into Thin Air

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I have chosen Into Thin Air for my project because the main theme of this novel is Danger and Morality. I feel as there’s danger and morality in my city and around the world, with the natural events occurring. Into Thin Air is a great work of literature because of Krakauer’s use of imagery and symbolism to describe the situation of the mountain. Also, the plot is exciting, and it leaves the reader in shock on each page. The writer tells it as it is. Because of this, readers feel a deeper connection to the novel and characters within due to the use of Krakauer's language and description. In Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer presents the idea that bravery which entitles people to do things that are seen as extra in their lives despite the fact that death is a possibility of occurring in order to save others. Through the actions of the characters, the readers can infer that bravery is taken when it comes to saving others or themselves. The actions of Beck Weathers is the main character who shows bravery in the story. In the book, it quotes,“ Finally I woke up enough to recognize that I was in deep shit and the cavalry…show more content…
And in subjecting ourselves to week after week of toil, tedium, and suffering, it struck me that most of us were probably seeking, above all else, something like a state of grace." ( Krakauer 136) This quote shows that reaching the top of Mount Everest is a goal or achievement for many of the climbers despite the fact that this experience is also painful and dreadful. Not only is the experience not enjoyable, but also the outcome of achieving the mountain isn’t clear. In this instance, it was seen as “state of grace”, or maybe free of
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