Morality In Macbeth Essay

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Morality Crumbles

The play Macbeth is about man’s downfall on his journey to take the crown. This play was first performed by Shakespeare in 1606. The play is set in the 1100’s. Shakespeare’s play tells the story of a good man ruined by his greed and ambition. In reality, the story of Macbeth was much less dramatic. He did not assassinate Duncan while he was sleeping, Macbeth defeated and killed the incompetent king in battle. Malcolm actually convinced the English to help him invade Scotland and take the throne. Shakespeare’s version of the story changed the facts to make it more entertaining to his audience. The moral of Shakespeare’s play is to always keep your morals and not let greed and ambition take control. In the play Macbeth, Macbeth’s good traits slowly transform into bad qualities until there is nothing left but a greedy, murdering tyrant. In the course of the play, Macbeth changes from a loyal thane of Scotland to a disloyal, murdering tyrant. Loyalty is a strong feeling of support or allegiance to someone or something. Macbeth clearly demonstrates loyalty to many people at the beginning of the play. In Act IV, when Duncan tries to reward Macbeth for his valiant deeds in battle, Macbeth says, “The service and loyalty I owe, In doing it, pays itself… The rest is labour which is not used for you.” (I iv 25-26, 50) Macbeth is saying that he does not need any rewards, just
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At first, Macbeth is a loyal soldier to his country and king; however, that loyalty soon gives way to a murdering and disloyal tyrant. Macbeth, a once loving and caring husband, transformed into a cold and secretive man in the play Macbeth. Macbeth was once afraid of failing and he doubted himself, but the doubt and fear changed into boundless arrogance. In the end, Macbeth is a play about a good man’s transformation into a bad man. His unchecked ambition led Macbeth down a path of no

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