Morality In The Great Gatsby

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The “Great gatsby” is indeed a superficial book, not only being able to capture the essence of being in the roaring twenties. The thing that makes it really amazing is the fact that it keeps being relevant to us from different time and different place. The story is based on the roaring twenties, It introduce us to the “lost generation” of america, which has “Loose moral codes” and being highly materialistic, the story it follows the rise and fall of Gatsby’s american dream; which ends with a tragic ending.

The major reason of the success of The Great Gatsby today is that the book itself has a strong resonance with us at the modern time, the issues being addressed in the book is everlasting.

One of the example is the theme of “Materialism”,
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One of the most obvious example in the book would be tom, his adultery with Myrtle wilson; tom has an affair with Myrtle, this goes against moral codes of the society. This is issue is also reflected in the current society, for example Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has admitted that he had a baby with his housewife. In fact we can see that lot of things which had…show more content…
As Nick has mentioned in the book they “smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness, or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.” I feel that this strongly resonate with the new breeds of Hong Kongers. After our previous generation had fought hard for the Hong Kong today, we tend to be selfish, due to the parents favoring their kids in the current society, kids don 't care of the consequences that it might cause. This appears to be similar to tom and Daisy from the book. for example Daisy enjoys flirting with Gatsby, but when problem arise, she disappears leaving all behind and runs away. Both of them does not consider the consequences that is caused and tends to run away from it when problem arise, they are full of
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