The Importance Of Being Earnest Analysis

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One of Oscar Wilde’s vital goals in The Importance of Being Earnest was to expose the many facades of The Victorian Era. The play set in the 19th century and it is the exact replica of the West End of London. This consequential era began in 1837, year in which Queen Victoria ascended to the throne of the United Kingdom, and lasted until the first few years of the twentieth century. Often, in Victorian England its residents would be perpetrators of the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ a crime that simply means the residents will be heavily acquainted with all the social graces and no one will truly know anyone’s intentions. His play satirizes the society’s “shallow mask of manner” in its moral customs, hence conceived a society estranged from its…show more content…
Ms Prism, who happens to be Cecily’s educator, teaches her many exceptional qualities. It’s in Cecily’s improving lessons one can see her passion and seriousness towards everything. “Child I don’t know where you get such ideas. They are certainly not in any of the improvement books that I have procured for you.” (Wilde 56) Also, from these positive and angelic attitudes it’s safe to say she’s the pinnacle of true Victorian morals. “Cecily let me entreat you of not to be led away by whatever superficial qualities this man possess.” The name “Ernest” vividly represents a pun on the word “earnest” which mean honest, truthful not deceitful and conniving and it was seldom shown in the “front running” characters. Nevertheless, the most sincere and candid love was depicted between Ms Prism and Dr Chasuble because they don’t observe marriage as a social tool of advancement but more of intellectual company. “Were I fortunate to be Ms Prism pupil I would hang upon her lips” (Wilde 35) Wilde also uses Lady Bracknell to “burst everyone’s bubble” and “to illuminate the cloak that shrouds” Jack’s problematic origin “You are the son of my poor sister, Algernon’s elder brother and your father was General Moncrieff. The eldest son should always be christened by the father.” (Wilde 91) In spite all of Jack’s lies he was earnest and ‘Ernest ‘at the
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