Morality In The Movie 42

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42 is a movie based on the life of Jackie Robinson, and the struggles he faces being the first African American to play for the white baseball league. In the movie, the use, and lack of the four cardinal Virtues, Prudence, Fortitude, Justice, and Temperance can be seen multiple times. Many, practiced by the virtuous Jackie Robinson, the protagonist. There are several examples of the application of the cardinal virtues in the movie, but the news is also an outlet that highlights people who have and have not used the four cardinal virtues. There is a clear distinction between whether an individual is good or bad, by whether they practice these virtues or not. Prudence, is the virtue that allows us to reason, and be reasonable. When is it applied, one can use their intellect to govern their own actions. It helps us make practical decisions that will benefit us, all while performing virtuous acts. In the movie 42, Jackie Robinson was prudent when he did not let his anger control his actions. When the lady at the airport refused to give Robinson seats on the plane because he was black, he remained calm using Prudence. He knew that there was nothing for him to benefit if he let his emotions get the best of him, so he was wise by not doing anything. Similarly, according to a CNN article, a 9 year old girl displayed Prudence when she decided to jump off of a 25 ft balcony in order to escape a fire. She used her own reasoning to choose to protect her own life, another vital part of

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