Ethics In The Movie Conspiracy

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Most people desire peace and tranquility in life, but they don’t necessarily find it the same way. Their search for stability is affected by their various cultural beliefs and experiences that affect their judgment and action. These actions are a reflection of the individuals’ morals, ethics and values. The authors Williams and Arrigo write about the meaning of what morality, ethics and values are. The movie Conspiracy was the opposite of what the book was trying to teach us and violates the principles that I preciously mentioned. Conspiracy was a movie based on 1942, which highlighted a secret meeting between Germans officers to determine the correct course of action when dealing with Jews. “Overall, we might say that the purpose is to enable us to live a good life in a just society” (Williams & Arrigo, 2008, p. 7). Morality is referred to people’s values, beliefs about right and…show more content…
Ethics allows us to take a step back from our beliefs and culture to critically examine and reach normative conclusions of the whole picture. It focuses on what should be the case, whether or not a situation should be taking place rather than analyzing the situation once it occurred. Ethics are prescriptive, attempts to evaluate moral beliefs, principles, and practices and make normative statements about what should be or should not be done. Overall, Ethics encourage us to question, to develop our own thesis and then question once more. In the conspiracy movie, the ethical question is: why are the Jews being segregated in the first place? The German where unethical when they decided to punish and segregate the Jews by emerging them in carbon dioxide based on their bias opinions. Another question that was brought up as an ethical issue is the meaning of the word “Evacuate”. The word evacuate means to remove someone from a city, town, area for reason of safety. The German use the word evacuate as a cover up to eliminate the
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