Morality In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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“A society that is not founded on mortality falls apart and becomes easy prey to puritan cults such as Islam that on the surface, promote family values and morality,” Ali Sina. In 1954, William Golding published his novel, Lord of the Flies. Lord of the Flies is about this group of boys who get stuck on an island with no adults due to a plane crash. There are conflicts between two different leaders, Ralph and Jack, that causes separation of the group of boys. In the end, the boys are rescued by a naval officer who saw the smoke from the burning island. Golding depicts the flaws of man and modern society through this novel. Fear is a product of our imagination, and the imagination can run wild in the mind of others. Throughout the story the littl’uns say there is a beast on the island, and in chapter 7 , page 123, when Jack, Ralph, and Roger look for this beast on the mountain they see, “...something like a great ape was sitting asleep with its head between its knees. Then the wind roared in the forest,...and the creature lifted its head, holding toward them the ruin of a face,” and they feared the beast that they had found. Around 2003 in the United States, the Bush administration went to war with Iraq because the people and the administration feared that Iraq had weapons of mass destructions. This fear led to the war to be held in Iraq and for the people in the US to support the fight against Iraq. Later on in the story in chapter 8, page 143, we see that “the
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