Morality Risks: A Meta Analytic Study

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Introduction This research paper is intended to describe the results of an experiment in which the subject, Parisa Ahmed, will widen her social circle. Currently the subject has a few friends, but all have been established within long periods of time. Ahmed has not dove into other social circles. The purpose of this experiment is to evaluate how many acquaintances she can meet within a seven day period as well as which could be long lasting friendships. Quantity will not be the only factor analyzed within this paper. The subject will also be observing her social health. How Ahmed interacts with others at Modesto Junior College is important to understand where she lies on the spectrum of social health. Many studies have suggested that a…show more content…
It has been suggested that having healthy social relationships can lengthen a life span. Just talking to someone an hour a day can reduce stress that maybe causing you physiological and psychological pain. Some people believe that the number of friends you have is the most important. However, according to Mayo clinic, quality is what truly counts. Sometimes family isn’t enough and having one friend that you can trust and enjoy your time with can make all the difference. In 2010, Plos medicine did a study on how social ties affect people called the, Social Relationships and Morality Risks: A Meta analytic Review. They found that morality instability due to lack of social relationships could be compared to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. In the interview article, Social Ties are Good for Your Health, by Julie Croteauc she cites, Brummett and colleagues (2001) , “[She] found that, among adults with coronary artery disease, the socially isolated had a risk of subsequent cardiac death 2.4 times greater than their more socially connected peers”. In retrospect if everyone on the planet had at least 2 healthy, long term friendships, morality rates could potentially decrease.…show more content…
Ahmed met Joanna, Tatiana, and Natasha at a House Party on August 7th. The group bonded on favorite TV shows and how they felt about the next political campaign. Ahmed and Natasha agreed that Kylie Kardashian was the most troublesome celebrity these past few months. Ahmed felt comfortable and wrote, “ The three girls I met at the party were really fun, I agreed with them about a lot of controversial subjects. We are all supposed to go to the movies next week”. At the mall the subject introduced herself to a girl named Alice who is currently a junior in high school. Once Alice informed her about the human rights club she was starting Ahmed was extremely enthused. It is important to note that during this finding when Ahmed was able to connect with someone though activism and human rights the conversation flowed easily. By comparing the interactions Ahmed that weren’t successful with the conversations she thought were, she was able to examine how she decided who she did like and who she

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