Morality In Ender's Game

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In the book Ender’s game, card uses morality as a tool, twisting and weaving morals into situations to make ender seem the perfect role model while he kills and, spoiler alert, commits genocide. Now is what Ender does moral? The things that ender does is definitely moral. The people he kills he does because he has to. This is discussed in kessel’s short story about morales in Ender’s game. All in all, i Agree with kessel’s view. Ender is a moral person. He always thinks, he is forced to commit violence, and he feels guilt for everything that he does Ender has to kill people, he doesn’t choose to. Time after time, we see ender hurting people. But he doesn’t hurt unless he has to. This is illustrated in his fight mentally with the bully bernard.…show more content…
Much better this way.”(41) But he doesn’t only say this. In every encounter that ender has had, he has always tried to get the other boys to stop by showing them that they win and he just wants to be left alone.. In the stilson fight, he tries walking away. In the Bonzo fight, he tries begging for mercy, because he knows that is what bonzo wants. But it is always never enough. No matter how much ender begs and pleads, he has to resort to violence. As Kessel says “Ender doesn’t want to fight, but does because he has no alternative other than to let himself be killed. And he’s not fighting for himself alone—the fate of the earth, we are told, depends on his survival. If Ender dies, the last hope of the human race dies with him, thus making his self-defense an ultimately selfless act.”(5) Ender really always thinks about what he is doing, and never enjoying it. After he fights, he always gets mad at himself. He feels like a monster. Like when he says to himself “I am just like Peter. Take my monitor away, and I am just like Peter.” Peter is there in the book to give the reader an idea of a cruel person compared with Ender. Ender doesn’t want to hurt, but he is forced to.Peter enjoys hurting, and the control it gives him. Ender never wants what peter wants, he is pretty much the…show more content…
Ender has caused all of this pain, and suffering. He feels all of that. But he did it for the right reasons. He was always one step ahead of the game, but he didn’t realize he was being used. That guilt he felt at the end, the actions he took during, and the prevention he tried before all are the signature marks of a good person put under unbearable stress and in situations that no 10 year old should have to deal with. John Kessel said “Ender is at heart a pacifist. When Dink justifies Ender’s beating up Bonzo (Bonzo meant to kill Ender, Bonzo was a troublemaker, he had superior strength and size), Ender breaks down and cries. “I didn’t want to hurt him!” he insists. “Why didn’t he just leave me alone!”(p. 233) (p7) Nothing could be closer to the

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