Morals In The Chrysalids

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A creed is the beliefs or religion that people follow. We follow them because their beliefs they had are thought to be right and people grew into their society, and did not question their beliefs because the beliefs was passed down the from generations thinking it was right. But we shouldn’t always follow creed or those strong beliefs because the limitations it has on our growth as a person. Other reasons why we shouldn’t always follow creed. Those beliefs is because what they believe in isn't always right, that creed created many social conventions we have today. People struggle to find ourselves with those beliefs. David experiences this in The Chrysalids that’s why he decided to leave all the people of Waknuk and go to Sealand. He thinks it’s a great place for him to experience a new life where he can find himself and what can really do. In the Waknuk society…show more content…
David experiences this in the novel. He is stuck between thinking what is right, the beliefs of the Waknuk society, or what Uncle Axel and The Sealand woman are telling him. David is going through an existential crisis, where he doesn’t know who he is anymore and what he should think of society. When we follow creed we are like robots, we can’t think for ourselves. What they think is what they made us believe. It is like they are programmed to think and do certain things. People are like robots programmed to do certain things and nothing else. In The Chrysalids everything is heavily based on the true image of man and what God thinks of is pure, but if everyone was supposed to be look a certain way everyone would look the same. But that not the case we were all made to look different from one another and it’s our goal to find who we are going to be. That is what the Fringes people are they are free human beings who have put no limitations upon
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