Morals, Manners, Customs, And Public Perception By Judge Paul Heath Till

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The definition of the literary device known as tone is an author's attitude towards the subject of their writing. This attitude towards a specific subject is conveyed through an author's choice of words in their writing. Every piece of literature has a tone and “Morals, Manners, Customs, and Public Perception” written by Judge Paul Heath Till has a very specific tone for the point he is trying to prove. This essay depicts Judge Paul Heath Till’s belief that Southern culture is being threatened by the Northerners and how they’re attempting to “yankeefy” the South. The language used in his essay is aggressive towards the North to say the least. Thus, Judge Paul Heath Till’s use of derogatory and unnecessarily hostile tone towards the North negatively affects the reliability of his argument. Throughout this piece…show more content…
However, while attempting to prove his belief, his meaning is degraded due to his choice of language. For example, in paragraph 3 he states “The existence of anything Southern, in the view of the north, is an affront that must be destroyed root and branch, for there must be no reminder of the atrocities committed by the norther in the war of northern aggression” (Till 3). While it is true that in the aftermath of the Civil War the North attempted to mold the South into something that would better suit the Union as a whole, Judge Till shames the North by calling it the “war of northern aggression” while ignoring the fact that the Confederacy began the conflict by firing on Fort Sumter. He also speaks of atrocities committed
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