More Guns Less Crime Essay

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"Research consistently shows that having a gun is the safest way to respond to any type of criminal attack, especially these multiple victim shootings” says Dr. John Lott, an astute resident at the American Enterprise Institute and author of the famous book “More Guns, Less Crime”. Most criminals don’t want to fight, but in the case that the criminal is bent on leaving no witnesses, I would like to have a gun. America is built on freedom and people have the freedom to not carry a gun, but do not impede my freedom to carry one. If having a gun is the safest way to respond to any type of criminal attack then any reasonable person should come to the conclusion that people should be allowed to concealed carry a firearm in public. With today’s…show more content…
Guns will be more accessible to criminals. If we could completely eliminate guns from society that would be great. But in reality you can’t completely remove guns from society and will never be able to. We don’t live in a Utopia where everything is perfect, we live in a society that is far from a Utopia and removing guns from responsible gun owners wills not get us any closer to a Utopia than we are now. Paris has some of the strictest gun laws in the world and after the recent attack most citizens want guns, guns to defend themselves because the police can’t get there in time. Either you implement a big brother system that cuts police response time in half or you allow private citizens to carry concealed firearms. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. When a bombing occurs you blame the bomber not the pressure cooker or pipe used in the pipe bomb, when a stabbing happens you blame the stabber not the knife. Why aren’t we pushing for the outlaw of pressure cookers and knives, they can be used to kill people just as well as guns. Should private citizens be allowed to carry concealed firearms in public areas? If you don’t want cameras watching your every move and police officers everywhere you look with an increase in taxes, yes, private citizens should be allowed to carry concealed firearms in public. According to the State Fish & Game Departments, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
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