More Important Than Organized Activities

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While some people think it is more important to provide children with more creative and imaginative play, I think that it 's more important to provide them with more organized activities. you are always going to use the skills you learn from organized activities. Organized activities teachs more competition, teamwork, and physical fitness. When I was growing up, I loved to be competitive in any sport I was playing. Competition always makes someone want to do better than the other. Organized activities such as football, baseball, basketball, and many more always have to compete. In life, you always have to compete against someone or something. Teamwork, is the key to success in life. In organized activitties, teamwork will show a child how to work with one another. When playing baseball you have to work with your team to accomplish a goal, well in the future you will have to do the same at a job. Organized activities will help a child with teamwork in the future.…show more content…
Being in shape for most of the years as a child will encourage them to keep it up for the future. When I played sports, I liked to be in shape. Both guys and girls always like to be strong and be physically fit. Being in organized activities was always fun and helpful for who I am now. I think that providing the time and influence for organized activities is most important for
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