Nightly Love Darlin Analysis

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more love darlin’ speak softly love and hold me firm within your essence. i feel your words and trembling moments start. our world imparts an honest love that only few have known. wine colored days warmed by the sun. deep velvet nights when we are one. speak softly love so no one hears but the heavens. together we bring serenity to a stormy sea. you understand, you give your heart. i stumbled my whole life long, always on my own. now with you i am home. home is in your arms, fears flee. the sound of your song. sing it with me forevermore. a kind of a shadow reaches into the night wandering over hills not seen. in the naked light i see gentle winds in the trees, a tranquil quiet in the air. when i stumble on my words your kiss fades my blush, that's when i love you most. pinky promises made and you can count on me for life, that's when i love you most. when the movies…show more content…
look what i found when i was being myself. gaze upon what i found when you found me. i need your tender touch tonight, lay it on my shoulders, lay it on my eyes. when the stars go blind and darkness floods your eyes i will carry you and we together find the way. as betimes you lose your way, close your gentle eyes, succumb to sleep, let peace invade, wake up to a fresh new day. there is magic in your eyes that makes me right. it is the light of a perfect sky. it is the light of my perfect you. it is your kiss when i'm asleep. it is the love in your eyes. it is the sigh behind your blissful smile. every kiss we miss is a kiss never to be retrieved. turquoise is the sea in your eyes. emerald is the essence of a september kiss, azure is as a lonesome waterfall. crimson is the fire in your heart, for the passionate love we make as the sunset fades away. my angel, heaven starts here tonight in your arms. while i drown in our dreams, i am lost in your charms. softly now--close your eyes lightly as you fade. the moon was made for anxious lovers to keep the night
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