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“More Than a Carpenter” by Josh and Sean McDowell is about Josh 's personal journey in life that demonstrates that true change can take place in one’s beliefs, religion, and faith. Josh McDowell testifies about how he came to find JESUS to be more than a carpenter. He displays supportive evidence that defines JESUS to be LORD. What makes Jesus so different? Can you keep a good man down? Is there another way? These are some questions that come to mind that can be addressed by reading “More Than A Carpenter”. Christians faith in Christ is firmly rooted in history and those who put their faith in Christ will always have plenty ground to stand on. This paper will help answer the questions about Jesus and what made him different, did he really rise from the dead, and can we have a relationship with God any other way. What made Jesus different can be summarized in the acts that he was able to…show more content…
McDowell 's main argument for Christ as the only means of a relationship with God is as follows: God decided to create man and woman. Basically, the Bible indicates he created man and woman to share his love and glory with them. But when Adam and Eve rebelled and went their own individual ways, sin entered humanity. At that point individuals became sinful or separated from God. This is the 'predicament ' that God found himself in. He created men and women to share his glory with them, yet they spurned his counsel and command and chose to sin. And so, he approached them with his love to save them. But because he is not only a loving God, but a holy, just, righteous God, his very nature would destroy any sinful individual. The bible says, "For the wages of sin is death." McDowell continues to explain, that God forgives man but there is a price for his forgiveness. Christ must die not only for the sins of humankind but to satisfy the righteous nature of

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