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The documentary More than Honey examines how honeybee colonies in Australia, California, China, and Switzerland operate, as well as the challenges these honeybee colonies have faced as a result of human interference. As a result of watching this film, I gained a greater understanding about how humans are taking advantage of bees in order to fuel their own needs. Humans are treating these delicate yet incredibly intelligent and hardworking insects as if they are animals used for manual labor. Furthermore, breeders are interfering in the breeding process by attempting to create more colonies. More colonies equates to more bees, which further equates to higher profit margins for the breeders. A commercial beekeeper turns one colony into four to replace dead bees. Most of the queens die in the process. The new queens are delivered via FedEx and are placed in the hives. In order to fulfill our desires for almonds, fruit, and honey, humans are disrupting the social hierarchy that bees strictly follow. One third of our food would not exist without the bees. However, in our attempts to produce this food, we are encouraging the collapse of honeybee populations all over the world. Although I found it…show more content…
Artificial swarms consist of four to six pounds of loose bees in a box with a separately packed queen. These swarms are sold to fifty-eight countries. This encourages the spreading of diseases and parasites. The Mite is the most dangerous parasite for bees. It is also known as the Varroa Destructor. The brooding site is the bee’s own brood cells. The mites infect larvae and cling to adult bees. They suck the bee’s blood and deform the bee’s wings. It is imperative that, in order to preserve the genetic diversity of bees, humans should not try to produce specific traits in bees. Rather, we should try to bring new variants back into the bee

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