Morehead Honor Program

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The Morehead Honors Program opens many doors for the receivers. Several magnificent programs and internships are offered to students that are part of this wonderful program; these include an internship in Frankfort, an intensive summer research program for students interested in medicine or dentistry, a commitment to host a show on the campus television station for a year, and a year-long volunteering experience working with children in after-school programs. Honestly, the volunteering experience in after-school programs for children interests me enormously. Along with building onto my existing skills, I will develop new skills, grow as a person due to the experience, and face my fears and anxieties. I believe I would thoroughly enjoy that …show more content…

For the past two years, I have volunteered to babysit my cousins and neighbors. These experiences have greatly assisted in the development of the skills I now hold. The greatest skill I have obtained is responsibility. When I babysit, I am responsible for the life or lives of children that don’t know right from wrong. If anything goes wrong, I am held responsible. Feeding, watching, and playing with children has been my main concerns on weekends. Along with responsibility, I have learned to be patient. A child will most likely never do what I tell them to do the first time, so I must keep repeating my words and actions. Patience is key to babysitting, because if I don’t have that characteristic then I am likely to explode and cause emotional or physical damage to a child. As a result of this tremendous volunteer service, I have learned that I am a role model to many children. When I babysit, they watch how I act and talk so I want to set the best example. Due to the children constantly watching me, I know what words and actions are wrong to use in any situation. The children have taught me how to be a better person, along with me teaching them how to grow up to be an outstanding individual. Although I have several skills due to my experience with children already, I hope to improve them. There can always be improvement with any skill, even if I think I have …show more content…

I want to become a better role model for children, but more importantly, I yearn to become a wonderful individual. Children hold a very special place in my heart because I adore caring for them. They are so innocent and care-free, which I wish I could be right now. When I am babysitting, I see how the children are constantly growing, changing their personalities, forming new perspectives, and altering their overall actions. As a result, I have tried to transform myself into an outstanding role model. I have altered my eating habits, my thoughts, my words, my actions, and many other aspects of my life. I did all those things so future generations will be generous, healthy, thoughtful, determined, and hold many other great characteristics. If I could become part of the after-school programs, I would be ecstatic. I have already altered my ways to better suit an environment with children. Also, I have grown tremendously during the past two years, but I could develop even more. Becoming a better person is something I will always strive to do, so this experience would assist me greatly. Being around children makes me change my awful habits and helps me form a better life for

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