Morehouse Mission Statement

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Morehouse School of Medicine is an appealing option for pursuing my medical education. When reading Morehouse’s mission statement, improving the health and well-being of individuals and communities grasped my attention. My clinical experiences revolve around communities that are underserved, and sharing the same mission as Morehouse is key to becoming the physician I aspire to be. One of the things that stood out to me about Morehouse is the student run Good Samaritan Health Center. I am very interested about being involved with God Samaritan, because it is akin to the Siloam Family Health Center that I volunteer at, and it is an embodiment of Morehouse’s mission. Impressively, this speaks volumes about Morehouse’s student body and their love for service, especially the special attention that is dedicated to the local community. This…show more content…
Growing up in a culturally diverse city in Nashville, I have gained cultural competency from my interactions with people from a plethora of ethnic backgrounds. Lastly, I am a highly ambitious person who always looks to broaden his horizons. Thus, I’m returning to school for the upcoming fall semester to take upper-division biology courses. I plan to take anatomy and physiology I and II, physiology, and research if the opportunity is available. These classes will better prepare me for medical school by helping me establish a solid foundation in the anatomical sciences. The familiarity that these courses will provide me with related medical school courses will aid me in acclimating to medical school more efficiently, and to perform at a superb academic level. Attending a medical school that is community-focused and that is service-oriented is what makes Morehouse a uniquely good fit. Morehouse will be gaining a student that is unquestionably passionate about medicine, highly motivated and ambitious, and that will take full advantage of utilizing all of his resources to succeed in medical
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