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Morel mushrooms are a savory form of fungi that add meaty flavor to any cuisine. These mouthwatering morsels are so popular that a mere pound can come with a hefty $20 price tag at your local grocery store. For a fun and cost-effective way to get your hands on this sought-after mushroom, consider hunting them yourself. Don’t know where to start? Wiebke Trading Company, a sporting goods supplier with locations in La Crosse, WI and Eitzen, MN, is standing by to assist. Here, the company shares need-to-know information for hunting morel mushrooms. Know Where to Look: Morel mushrooms start to grow in April or early May on the edge of wooded areas. These delectable mushrooms sprout up near elm, oak, ash, and aspen trees. The trees don’t have to be alive for morel mushrooms to take root. Search around dead elm trees that have reached the point of decay where bark is slipping off the trunk. Chances are morel mushrooms are hiding nearby. Later in the season, venture farther into the forest onto north-facing slopes to find fully formed varieties. Other great places to look…show more content…
Some morels can cause minor stomach irritation while others are mildly poisonous. The kind you can eat has a noticeable conical shape, with the bottom of the cap firmly attached to the lower portion of the stem. Don’t pick half-free morel mushrooms, which have an umbrella shape and longer stem. These suckers will cause stomach problems. Also avoid morels that have wrinkles and lack the iconic cone shape, as these are mildly toxic. Search For Patterns: You have to adopt the skills of a hunter when searching for morel mushrooms. With an eagle eye, examine every inch of ground you cover. If you start to find morel mushrooms growing in certain area, like at the base of dead elm or oak trees, search for more decaying or dying trees in the area. It’s much easier to spot a dying tree than a tiny

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