Morelia Research Paper

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First of all, Morelia has a different rhythm of life and environment than Cortijo Nuevo. In fact, Morelia is a great place to live it has a lot of historical places. Morelia is a big City, which means that it is very populated. Every time I went there was a lot people walking in "El centro" (downtown). The infrastructure of Morelia is composed by some buildings, plazas and houses have little space (Infonavit is the name of the houses). Morelia is a nice City but is so stressful to live there because the pace of life is very fast. On the contrary, In Cortijo Nuevo I enjoyed the countryside. The people who live in Cortijo Nuevo know each other, because it is a small place. Every single house in Cortijo Nuevo have a lot of space because the land…show more content…
Notably, in Morelia has a system where the same school have kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school and University. Morelia have a total of 20 elementary schools including public and private. Morelia also counts with 129 Middle schools and there are 81 high schools including public and private. Morelia has a prestigious University called Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo and I was planning to attend there if I had graduated from high school there. However, in Cortijo Nuevo there are a few chances to get a career because some parents do not have money to send their children to a high school or University. In Cortijo Nuevo there is only one Elementary School called Escuela primaria Nicolas Bravo, and there are less than 25 students per grade. Usually the same students go to Telesecundaria Jose Maria Luis Mora (middle school) for three years after they graduated from elementary school. Most of the students no longer enroll in a high school because the tuition is expensive and there is no money to pay for it. I was lucky because I would enrolled into Preparatoria Emiliano Zapata (high school) for one semester only. The tuition was of $400.00 pesos per month. There is not University in Cortijo Nuevo so the students have to go to Zacapu, Morelia, Arteaga to mention
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