Moreno Valley High School Research Paper

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Recently, Moreno Valley High School won a Silver Award for best high school in the nation. Although its been criticized as “ghetto” and “where all the bad kids go”, the students and staff still show pride for proving the critics wrong but, with all its success a bigger problem has emerged on campus. Disease, the food prepared and served to the student ‘s of Moreno Valley High School is not what you would call a “healthy meal”. As data collected through an online server shown many students and even parents have no clue what a nutritional meal is. The data showed that 1 in 3 people would like to add more salads to their daily eating habits. Salads have many nutrient value including Proteins , potassium, and carbohydrates. If you were to want a salad at Moreno Valley High School there is expired lettuce that looks more yellow than green and with cheese that is not fresh. Even if a kid was well educated in nutrition they do not have the necessary materials to eat properly.We are failing to help the future kids of America be strong both mentally and physically. The surprising factor for our school is that many kids buy cookies sold in a snack bar next to the lunch line, every 2 in 3 people said they would choose to eat a bag of grapes over a…show more content…
If nutrition classes were taught and made a graduation requirement for every school the outcome would be amazing. “ Kids would understand the risks and medical concerns with poor nutrition, lack of exercise and unhealthy eating”. (Kristine Tucker, Why is home economics an important subject for high schools?”.) Funding could come out of a donation or raised at a local charity where all schools could have a bake sale or concert benefit showing all the talent all of Moreno Unified School District has to offer. If Home economics was taught with an emphasis on Nutrition would help the students on the long
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