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Morgan Le Fay, Arthur’s half-sister, is portrayed differently in different works of art and literary texts. In Le Morte D’Arthur and in “Sir Launcelot’s Slumber” she has similar qualities, and differences, this could be because the time periods are different, but in way some ways they are similar. Morgan Le Fay is a complex character who changes personalities traits throughout different literary texts. For example, in Le Morte D’Arthur Morgan is bent on revenge and tries to steal her brother’s crown. “Morgan Le Fay, King Uriens’ wife, sent it me yesterday by a dwarf, to this intent, that I should slay King Arthur, her brother”(Malory 118). She convinces Accolon, her lover, to try and assassinate Arthur and to try and take his crown. She is displayed as a conniving and envious sister. While in “Sir Launcelot’s Slumber” she seems more of a young woman…show more content…
For example, they both show how conniving and sinister Morgan Le Fay can become. In Le Morte D’Arthur, she is confident the plan she put in motion is done and Arthur has been slain by Accolon. She says to her servant who tries to convince her otherwise “Go fetch me my lord’s sword, for I saw never better time to slay him than now”(Malory 118). She is confident that her plan was fail safe and did not expect for Accolon to confess to Arthur even though he didn’t know who he was confessing to. She shows her conniving side in “Sir Launcelot’s Slumber” also, “Morgan Le Fay, of Gore the Queen,/ A ladye subtle, proud, and wise,/ Then wrought a spell of glamour old,/ That bound the poppies on his eyes,/”(Bridges) Morgan is a clever women and uses the poppies to cast a sleeping spell on Launcelot. After she cast her spell she took him, with the other queens, to her castle “there she woke him from the spell”(Bridges). She wakes him up demanding he marry her and love her, but when she rejects him she is furious and keeps him as a

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