Morgan Matson's 'Since You' Ve Been Gone

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“Since You’ve Been Gone” by Morgan Matson, is a story about best friends Emily and Sloane who live in the small town of Stanwich, Connecticut. Emily can’t wait to spend summer with her best friend, but there is one thing missing, and it's Sloane. Sloane is gone without notice, only leaving Emily with a summer bucket list with a note saying, “ When you finish this list, find me and tell me all about about it”. In hopes to find Sloane, Emily starts to plan as to how she will complete the list. Emily is 16 years old she loves running, country music,and Diet Coke. Emily is a very shy person especially around people she doesn’t really know. She has a younger brother Beckett who is ten years old. Emily’s parents are play writers who have just started writing a new play that they have become consumed with. Therefore, they have not been focusing very much on their kids. Sloane is an only child who has grown up in many different places around the world because of her parents work. She loves makeup, fashion,…show more content…
This is a very important element of the book because it allows the reader to know Emily’s thoughts and feelings. Since the book is about Emily’s personal journey this is important. If the story was told from a narrative view there wouldn't be any of Emily’s deep thoughts which would completely change the whole book. Because it is written in first person it helps to make the book worth reading because of all the personal things you know from Emily. I would definitely recommend “Since You’ve Been Gone” to other teen readers. I really enjoyed this book because it combines many different elements together. As Emily spends her summer looking for her best friend she ends up falling in love, and becomes friends with someone pretty unlikely people that bring her on some pretty unlikely adventures. All of these things make this book very relatable, which is why I really enjoyed reading
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