Morgan Rhodes Short Biography

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Morgan Rhodes is actually a pseudonym, her real name is michelle Rowen she also is known to go by the name Michelle Maddox. Morgan Rhodes writes paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and young adult fantasy and is a nationally best selling author in Canada.(Rowen) she lives in ontario with her husband and two cats which are named after her favorite TV show Supernatural. Rhodes enjoys photography, travel, and reality TV, and is an extremely picky reader.(Rowen) she also has written over 30 novels with many book series, her most popular ones being the Falling Kingdoms series, The Demon Princess Series ,Night Watchers series,and Lady and The Vamp series.(Rowen) Rhodes was born in Toronto Canada in 1971 and lived a pretty normal life in a middle class family, as a kid she dreamed of being a flight attendant, a jewel thief, or a writer.(Rhodes) She Also dreamed of being a princess that wields a sharp sword fighting mythical…show more content…
She has also created rich fantasy and adventure novels.She isn 't just popular in Canada either she has many book series exclusive to certain countries.(Rhodes) some of these countries are France,Spain,England,and Austria. including the books Bitten and Smitten Fanged and Fabulous Lady and the Vamp The Demon Princess series,and even the demon in me in Thailand.(Rowen) Rhodes also loves to talk with other readers and sets up many events and signings to talk to them. She loves writing the novels as much as reading them to as she is still writing and releasing new books frequently. Morgan Rhodes also holds classes for young writers and tries to help answer questions when presented the opportunity.(Rowen) So in Conclusion Morgan Rhodes is a great author with many great points and supports other who are looking to become writers like herself. Thus improving her status as a very popular author further by giving her even better
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