Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me

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Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me, shed a bright light not only on the fast growing obesity trend in America but to the companies that support them, as well. Spurlock, the film’s director and star, sacrificed his body and mind to bring attention to how too much fast food in one’s diet can be very harmful. The film was highly informative, with many interviews, and day-by-day scenes of Spurlock as he faces his McDonald’s challenge. The film supported anti-obesity using statistics with supporting information. The story of Morgan Spurlock as he faces his McDonald’s challenge and desperately tries to bring attention to this health epidemic, is highly captivating. The anti-obesity position of this film is clear within the first few moments of the movie. There are many interviews from nutritionist on how the rate of death by obesity “may one day surpass the rate of death by smoking, if the obesity epidemic is not acknowledged. The documentary does not contain any information with support for obesity. As…show more content…
The main emotional appeal is the use of children and the country’s future. Multiple images of overweight children, or children eating unhealthy food, are shown in the movie. The opening scene, for example, is a group of children singing “Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut.” Spurlock also interviewed a group of children. The children are shown four different photos, two highly known historical figures and two fast food mascots. The fast food mascots eventually presented itself as better known by the children than the historical figures. The main presentation of emotion come from Spurlock on his McDonald’s binge. Morgan Spurlock suffered through fatigue and depression throughout his experience. Spurlock’s girlfriend is seen to be visibility upset multiple times throughout the documentary. The emotional appeal is not highly
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