Super Size Me

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In the documentary “Super Size Me” the film maker Morgan Spurlock is portrayed as the protagonist fighting against the antagonist which is the worldwide corporation of McDonalds. Spurlock places him self in the documentary as a hero who fights for the victims in this case two teenagers who developed health problems and decided to sue McDonald’s but the Judge in that case stated “if the plaintiffs can allege that McDonald’s products intended us is to be eaten for every meal of every day, and that McDonald’s is or should be aware that eating McDonald’s products for every meal every day is unreasonably dangerous, they may be able to state a claim” (YouTube, 2018). Spurlock proves this by starting a 30 day
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The issue that is highlighted in Super Size Me is the effect fast food is having on people’s health and how it is contributing to the obesity problem in America. He discuss the countries with the highest rate of obesity and these include Mississippi where 1 in 4 people are obese and West Virginia which was the 3rd highest ranking state in America as of 2004. At the end of the video these results have changed making Detroit the most ‘fattest’ city in America (YouTube,…show more content…
These techniques help to emphasize the message of the documentary, this being the dangers and health risks that comes with fast food and that many people are already suffering due to this. Spurlock does this by putting himself in a position where his health can be seriously effected, by eating McDonald’s for 30 days. He completes this challenge, making a very insightful documentary even when he was told not to do it or continue by many
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