Morgan Super Size Me Analysis

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Davis, Brennan, and Christopher Carpenter. "Proximity of Fast-Food to Schools." American Journal of Public Health. American Public Health Association, Mar. 2009. Web. 15 Nov. 2015. Davis and Carpenter show that the students who attended schools with fast food restaurants within a half of a mile are more overweight than children that didn’t have fast food near their schools. The students with fast food restaurants near their school drank more soft drinks and ate less fruits and vegetables. This entry also mentions that multiple studies have shown fast food establishments are constantly clustered within walking distances of schools. Davis and Carpenter wrote that limiting fast food establishments near schools could help reduce obesity. Spurlock,…show more content…
Dir. Morgan Spurlock. Perf. Morgan Spurlock. Kathbur Pictures, 2004. Film. Spurlock’s documentary, which he also wrote, directed and starred in, reveals the gruesome truth of fast food’s effects on an individual’s body as he eats out for every meal for thirty days. Super Size Me focuses mainly on McDonalds but makes mention of other fast food restaurant such as Burger King, Wendy’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Before beginning the experiment Spurlock enlisted three health care professionals to treat him, he was completely healthy and the perfect weight. In the course of a month Spurlock can only eat foods that are sold at McDonalds, that included water and if the employee asked if he would like to super size his meal, he had to say yes. Spurlock kept this documentary light by making jokes and animations, but the experiment turned serious when he started feeling the effects on his body. On day eighteen he went for a check-up, the doctors advised him to end the experiment due to his health taking a bad turn. He had mood swings, craved McDonalds and got headaches when he didn’t eat it. By the end of the experiment Spurlock had gained twenty-four and a half pounds and his cholesterol went up sixty-five
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