Morgans Critique

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Criticism has an overall positive effect on people as it can highlight someones imperfections and can allow that person to improve them. Morgan, an 8th grader who was now participating in her final year of debate tournaments had high hopes for herself to perform well in an event. Debate tournaments were held twice a year, and with an average of fifteen schools attending with over one hundred students each, the tournaments were typically extremely high-pressure and competitive. She had boldly entered prose, the most pressured and highly-entered event the tournament had to offer. She spent much time preparing her script, and was rather excited to perform. Her performance was not dreadful by any means, but the level that she was competing on was much too high for…show more content…
Morgan was quickly eliminated during the second round. She took her elimination poorly, and even worse when she received her critique. Critiques were handed back after the tournament, so the participant could improve their pieces for the next upcoming contest, but Morgans critique was very harsh, in particular. Her judge was very critical of Morgans performance; going as far as to point out her attire and hair style, which is typically irrelevant in the performance. The critique had judged things that Morgan had not even considered when planning out her script. It made her realize how much she was lacking, and how much room she had to improve. This disappointed Morgan remarkably. She was upset enough to consider dropping out of prose and attempting to enter a smaller, less competitive event, but at the same time, Morgan was quite stubborn. She eventually resolved to use the critique - as harsh as it was - to her advantage. The criticism had opened her eyes to everything she was oblivious to,
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