Mormon Compare And Contrast Essay

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In the beginning was the Word was with God and the Word was God (John 1:1). There are a variety of cultures, religions, and cults that believe in different creation stories. Christians find their creation stories in Genesis one and two and Mormons find their creation story in the books of Abraham and Moses, found in the Book of Mormon. When looking at these three different accounts of creation one can find both similarities and differences. Christians and Mormons both acknowledge that God existed before creation, but Mormons believe that there were also others, our spirits, in existence at the time of creation. All three creation accounts talk about how humans came into existence, but all three go into different debt about the subject. The…show more content…
The accounts in Genesis and in the Book of Mormon say that humans were created by God, and He saw His creation as good. They all use repetition to not only tell the story of human’s creation, but the creation of the Earth.
In spite of all three of the accounts talking about the creation of man, they all go into different debts about the details of the creation of man. Genesis one and the Book of Mormon have similar descriptions of how man was made. Both do not have very detailed descriptions of the creation of man, but they both describe that man was created to have dominion over all inhabitants of the world. Unlike Genesis one and the Book of Mormon, Genesis two does go into detail about the creation of humans. Genesis 2:18-23 tells the story of how God took the rib of man, while he was in a deep sleep, and created women.
Like Previously stated, All three accounts use repetition to tell the story of creation. Genesis one, and the Book of Mormon use phrases like “And God said”, or “And He said that it was good.” Genesis two uses a different kind of repetition, any time that the Bible refers to God in this chapter it calls Him “ the Lord
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