Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert Review

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I had the opportunity this week to watch the concert “Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.” The performance was on November 17, 2015. This concert was preformed very well. Parts of the concert were very calm and sincere, while others were upbeat and fun. While at the concert three musical numbers stuck out to me. The first was “How far is it to Bethlehem?” The second was “Carol of the Bells.” The third and final one was “Joy to the World.”
The first musical piece that I really liked was called “How far is it to Bethlehem?” This certain number stood out because, I liked the calm, gentle texture of the song. This number starts out with one woman singing. The song had a soft tune, but was also happy. A flute, and string instruments were
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This song is loud throughout the piece. It starts out instrumental. It is in a minor, almost scary tune. They use crescendos very often. Accents were often used as well. Many different types of bells were used in this piece. This song seemed much shorter as well.
The final piece that I really liked was called “Joy to the World.” This piece I really liked because it had a soloist that had a beautiful voice. In this song the world famous tenor Rene Fleming stars as a soloist. This soloist uses very many vibratos in her voice. Rene uses a very bright voice in this piece. This song is very upbeat. It has a happy tune. This song is celebratory and full of rejoice. Crescendos are often used. This song is song in harmony. The Brass and orchestra instruments really add to the piece. This song is also religious.
My favorite selection was “Carol of the Bells.” This was my favorite because I have always loved fast, and upbeat music. I also liked how they used many different bells, and played them on the accents of the song. I also liked how the men were singing one part, while the women were singing another. All of these things overall added very much fun and excitement to the
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