Mormonism Wedding

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In Mormonism, there is two wedding that occurs: the temple wedding ceremony and the non-temple wedding. The pre-wedding ritual that a Mormon does to marry in the temple is pretty lengthy. To get married in Mormonism, both the bride and groom must be faithful members of Mormonism for a year and they must both have experienced the endowment ceremony (it is a separate temple ceremony that takes place before either marriage and is required before getting me). The couple must also get the permission for a temple wedding (a Sealing Ordinance), the bride and the groom must both attend a private interview with their local bishop, where the couple will answer a series of questions about their religious diligence. Essentially, the bishop will assess that they couple…show more content…
When the couple has acquired both signatures, the bride and the groom is ready to tie that eternal knot and hold the wedding. In the temple ceremony, only faithful members of the Church are allowed to attend. All of the guests need to have a temple recommend issued by their bishop to enter the temple for the temple wedding ceremony, which causes the temple wedding ceremony to be small and causes discontent/sadness for the guest, who can 't acquire the temple recommendation. The temple president/a temple sealer will oversee the wedding and tie the couple for eternal love. If the couple is deemed unworthy for the temple ceremony, the couple can marry outside the temple such as in a church or a wedding venue of the couple chooses. The Bishop, the Branch President of the members ' local ward, or the branch can officiate the ceremony and all guest (family and friends) are permitted to attend, unlike the temple wedding ceremony. The couples may undergo a temple/sealing ceremony at a later date when the couple becomes worthy
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