Morning Report Advantages And Disadvantages

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Morning Reports Overview with tools, software, best practices and alternatives What is a Morning Report? A morning report is a kind of report that states the status and progress of a team or project. It is sent to the recipients in the morning or at the beginning of the workday. Who does a Morning Report? Morning reports are done by medical staffs in hospitals at the start of the workday or in the middle of patient care rounds. This is to endorse pertinent information about the patients, allowing the health care providers to give continuous care to the patients. Every basic unit of the army also generates a morning report. This is usually done by the unit clerk, noting personnel changes for the day. In business, members of the business…show more content…
Members will also be aware of issues that may hamper the progress of the project. In addition, team members will be well-coordinated as the information in the report is updated and not outdated. Overall, morning reports cover fresh and new information that help team members adjust their actions throughout the day accordingly. What are the disadvantages of Morning Reports? While morning reports provide adequate information about the team and the project, they also present some disadvantages. The first concern is the punctuality of information. Since morning reports are done in the morning, team members are required to present information as soon as possible at the beginning of the workday. However, it cannot be avoided that there are times in which some team members are late for some reasons, such as heavy traffic or heavy rain. These circumstances prevent the team members to deliver information in the earliest possible time. Another disadvantage of morning reports is change in information. Since information is sent early during daytime, data are subject to change as the hours go by. Fast-paced change in information may lead to confusion on other team members, which could lead to outdated information entered in the…show more content…
Thus, it is important to prepare the report beforehand so as to generate the best possible report. In preparing a morning report, a team member can prepare a draft of it the night before that date of its submission. Details such as achievements, goals, and problems should also be indicated beforehand so as to avoid missing any pertinent information. In addition, writing a morning report beforehand gives ample time for the team member to include all details that need to be included in the report. Preparing the report prior to the date of submission also reduces the things one needs to do the following day, allowing him to focus on the tasks to be done on the next day. Other pointers to be considered in writing morning reports are the language used as well as the content of the report. It is important to write the report using the appropriate language so that all team members could understand what one is trying to convey in the report. Moreover, a complete and accurate report provides a strong knowledge base to the team members, enabling them to function in various

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