Neo And Morpheus: Movie Analysis

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While watching the film, my attention locked on the scenes where I realized logic on the beliefs of Neo and Morpheus. Neo is finding the matrix because he does not believe in fate and he doesn’t like the idea that he’s not in control of his life while Morpheus is finding Neo because he believes on fate and on the prophecy of the oracle from Zion that the first man born of Zion will return and she also envisioned an end to the war; and for Morpheus, Neo is the One. I am amazed by the idea that even through this contraction of beliefs, they hold unto and help each other throughout the movie to face the quest and their one and only goal- keep the real world free from any disturbances done by the sentinels who wanted to control the Matrix.
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They all contributed as to how Neo unfold everything. There is Tank and Dozer-genuine child of Zion-that do not have any holes because they are 100 percent pure, old fashioned, home-grown human that was born in the real world(Zion) as described by Tank himself. The term holes in the movie was used to introduce the construct of being plugged and unplugged which is only applicable to those who are being freed from the Matrix like Trinity. Trinity’s role was significant in a way that she was the right hand of Morpheus that helped Neo every moment possible and joins him to rescue Morpheus when he was caught by Agent Smith who is, according to Neo, a sentient program that can command any software hardwired to the mainframe. He wanted to know the codes to Zion because he wanted to control the matrix. Then here comes Cypher who was part of the crew that betrayed Morpheus. Morpheus was considered by the authorities to be the most dangerous man because he knows the codes to Zion.
By the near end of the movie, everything that I can’t understand slowly unfolds and the answers were there all along the scene where Neo talked to the oracle; the things she said came true. I experienced my “aha” moment when I connect the prophecy of the oracle to Neo especially the moment when he know that he was the One without anyone to tell him that he
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