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Register to read the introduction…The origin of Malayalam as a distinct language may be traced to the last quarter of 9th century A.D. The gradual evolution of Malayalam has been influenced by the various circumstances on different periods. Mainly Malayalam was influenced by Sanskrit and Prakrit brought comes into kerala from tamil Brahmins. After the 11th century, a mixture of the native languages of Kerala and Sanskrit known as Manipravalam served as the medium of literary expression. Malayalam absorbed a lot of forms from Sanskrit, not only in the lexical level, but also in the phonemic, morphemic and grammatical levels of language also. There are different spoken forms in Malayalam even though the literary dialect throughout Kerala is almost uniform. Malayalam is an agglutinative language, so each root word can combine with multiple morphemes to generate word forms.
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Morphology is one of the branches of linguistics in the analysis of structure of the
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While applying these rules, the original appearance of the words taking part in this process is altered. As Malayalam is morphologically rich and agglutinative with complex structures; and there are so many morphophonemic changes in the word formation process. For Morphological analyzer for Malayalam words, Suffix stripping method, which is very close to the affix stripping method in its approach, with Sandhi rules can be used. Since Malayalam requires many morphophonemic changes in the word formation, one has to deal with Sandhi rules in each and every place where two morphemes combine to form a suffix and also where a suffix combines with the stem. Separating the suffixes from its base form is a reverse process of Sandhi where the essence of Sandhi rule is applied in the reverse

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