Toni Morrison Medium Of Speech Analysis

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In the many novels that Toni Morrison has written, they present unique sentence structures and language to convey the deeper essence of the message of Morrison’s. In her interviews, she is similar in nature to how she writes and also, uses the medium of speech to emphasize her motivations. The exuberance and eccentric qualities that Toni Morrison expresses in her novels are depicted in her interviews and her responses as she combats issues surrounding African-American individuals and her perception of the world.
Based on the hand gestures, emotional expressions, and responses Morrison replies towards her interviewers, she exhibits an euphoric personality that is inquisitive about the physical world and seeks answers for those queries. For
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In Morrison’s interview with Brockes, she opens up about the murder of Trayvon Martin and the reality of what Martin suffered also similarly happening to her teenage boys (Brockes). Morrison recounts the many instances where her sons could have suffered much more police harassment they actually had, but did not due to their politeness and ability to answer “sir, yes sir, no sir” to the police officers (Brockes). Furthermore, Morrison also discusses her experience with seeing “a group of white mothers in the south trying to turn over a school bus with black children in it” and equated it to her perception of how she could feel the “fury” to overturn a school bus of white children. Then, she analogized African-American struggles with horses, where she had to go “outside the species”, but it worked (Brockes). Morrison did not tell anyone other than a white woman, who was appalled at her for “trying to say something about her”, the very predicament that Morrison is trying to resolve about African-Americans and Caucasians. Morrison’s writings about African-American controversy still remain relevant
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