Steven Patrick Morrissey: Philosopher Morrissey

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This essay will delve into how Steven Patrick Morrissey (professionally known as Morrissey) came to be recognised as creative. Morrissey is a singer, songwriter and author from England. He rose to fame with and is often mostly recognised for his work in the indie rock band “The Smiths” which were active from 1982-1987. He still continues to do creative work however as a solo music artist and also a journalist. This essay will establish what Morrissey did to convey to the world that he was a creative and what psychological traits allowed for him to do this. It will also investigate Morrissey’s background, influences, who recognised his creative talent and life experience that allowed for him to become the popular creative that he is still recognised…show more content…
This however has been disproved by both scholars and fans alike. The writer Michael Bracewell in the documentary “The Importance of Being Morrissey” explains that Morrissey is really a “virtual, mythological archetype” and a true “enigma”. There are many psychological traits that allowed Morrissey to become the creative and enigma that he is today. In many interviews Morrissey notes that he was always aware of being Irish and never saw himself as English. In “Heaven Knows” a series of essays about The Smiths by Sean Campbell and Colin Coulter they note that Morrissey had a “subjection” to being referred to as a “Paddy” which was used as a slur during this period in England. Sean Campbell theorises that this sense of being an outsider gave him a lot of material for his lyrics and music. This feeling of not belonging can often be seen in his work and Morrissey himself describes this time in his life as “confusing”. (Coulter, 2010). Morrissey is very open about his struggles with depression before and throughout his career. In many ways Morrissey fought his depression with his music. His struggle allows for him to encapsulate a very raw and powerful message in his lyrics. He describes his song writing as “launching your own diary to music” (The Importance of Being Morrissey, 2003). The unique way that he tackles his thoughts and strong emotions in his lyrics and throughout his career have allowed for many people to get a true insight into his soul and deepest thoughts and desires. Although Morrissey is extremely private with his personal life his lyrics speak for him in a way that allows the audience to feel much more connected to him than any interview or newspaper article could capture. Morrissey is also known to have an extremely obsessive personality and an eye for detail. Morrissey describes in the documentary “The Importance of Being Morrissey”
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